xLaw for lawyers in Latvia

In addition to xLaw Word and xLaw EU xLaw can now be used also on webpage Legal Acts of the Republic of Latvia likumi.lv  

xLaw Latvia  offers following:

- add private comments to Latvian legislation;
- search Latvian case law;
- copy citations to law and add to Word document;
- open valid Latvian legislation with quick search (using abbreviations, e.q. typing x lv kcl)

With xLaw Word it is also possible to search and add to Word document company data from Latvian Business Registry.


ExtendLaw participated at the Days of Cities and Municipalities

ExtendLaw participated on 12th and 13th of April 2023 at the Days of Cities and Municipalities in Tallinn, SOKOS Hotel Viru conference center and introduced various functionalities of xLaw to local municipalities.

Days of Cities and Municipalities is a big annual event of local governments. As part of the two-day event, those interested can participate in interesting seminars and discussions. Also companies interested in cooperation with local municipalities always participate with stands and presentations to present themselves and their services/ products.

xLaw has proven to be popular among local government units as well, because when organizing issues of local life, local governments come into contact with all areas of law. Today, several cities and municipalities already use the xLaw application.

In order to optimize the daily work of local government employees, we have created a unique search system for local government legislation, where it is possible to conveniently search for legislative acts and provisions by word or phrase, while the results are displayed together with the context and regardless of inflections, furthermore administrative reform has been taken into account.

xLaw is the first unique application of legal technology in Estonia, which has significantly changed the daily work processes of lawyers. The majority of xLaw users are top lawyers - lawyers, judges, prosecutors, notaries, bailiffs, bankruptcy trustees; among other things, xLaw is used in all Estonian courts. xLaw has also proven popular with many state and local government professionals and corporate lawyers.

More about The Association of Cities and Municipalities

ExtendLaw supports Moot Court competition this year as well

For several years now, ExtendLaw has been supporting the Estonian Moot Court competition organized by the Estonian Moot Court Society.

The Moot Court Competitions are organized for law students as an imitation of a complete trial.

xLaw is an unique law interpretation and know-how management application used by more than 2,500 practicing lawyers. See customer feedback here.


Regarding the Moot Court Competitions, see here 

Supporters of the Moot Court Competition:http://harjutuskohus.ee/toetajad/

The Estonian Moot Court Society on Facebook:www.facebook.com/harjutuskohus/