ExtendLaw supports the Moot Court Competition

For several years now, ExtendLaw has been supporting the Estonian Moot Court competition organized by the Estonian Moot Court Society.

The Moot Court Competitions are organized for law students as an imitation of a complete trial.

ExtendLaw provides to all participants free use of the xLaw application during the competition and gifts to the I and II place winners.

xLaw is an unique law interpretation and know-how management application used by more than 1,500 practicing lawyers. See customer feedback here


Regarding the Moot Court Competitions, see here 

Supporters of the Moot Court Competition: http://harjutuskohus.ee/toetajad/

The Estonian Moot Court Society on Facebook: www.facebook.com/harjutuskohus/

xLaw in 2020

In 2020, the xLaw application was enhanced with the following features:

xLaw RK module

1. Cross-references to Supreme Court decisions


xLaw RT module (next to the sections of laws)

2. Translations of sections into Russian


xLaw Legal module

3. Search for decisions of the Consumer Disputes Committee

4. Search of the Labor Disputes Committee

5. Search for decisions of the Public Procurement Appeals Committee

6. Search for the opinions of the Chancellor of Justice

7. Search for decisions of the Industrial Property Appeals Board

8. Search the Accounting Standards Board's guidelines


xLaw for a field specialist

In addition to lawyers, xLaw has found use among other legal professionals. In the xLaw application, everything is conveniently connected for the work in the respective field.

It is possible to order xLaw for an Accountant, see here

and the xLaw Procurement Package, see here

An employment law package, a financial law package, etc. are coming soon.


The xLaw application has explanatory notes since 2011.

In the xLaw RT module the sections, paragraphs and points of the Acts contain all explanatory notes of the amending Acts from 2011 and partly also earlier.

In addition to IT solutions, we also add legal value. In addition to explanatory notes and articles, xLaw has many keyworded comments. See xLaw database news here

See which laws came into force in 2020 here


Legal News during the state of emergency

During the state of emergency in Estonia from 12th March until 17th May 2020, many legal problems arose, which are also necessary in everyday legal work. Legal News during the state of emergency covers important legal issues, lawyers' views, comments from state agencies, etc. look here


xLaw Publishing

Our goal is that legal comments by field experts would be conveniently used in xLaw directly next to the sections of the law.

In the xLaw RT module, it is convenient to read publicly available commented editions of laws next to the sections of several laws. Look here.

In cooperation with the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund, since February 2019 all xLaw users have access to the comments on the Traffic Insurance Act under the LKindlS sections (in the xLaw RT module). Look here

Attorney-at-law Viktor Turkin has prepared comments on Family Law, which are available next to the sections of PKS. Look here

We are still waiting for the Practitioners' comments, analyzes, etc. (on laws, individual sections and topics).

5 years since the creation of xLaw

Today marks 5 years since the creation of Estonia's first unique legal technology application xLaw.

The first version of xLaw was released on April 17, 2015 and quickly became popular among lawyers (growing to 1,500 users by 2017). The original hyperlinks, which made it possible to find legal norms quickly, lead to the possibility to find information next to sections in legal acts of Riigiteataja.ee, later also the user´s possibility to add private information, EUR-lex references and links, xLaw Word application and common keywords

The right to use the xLaw application is offered by ExtendLaw OÜ, which was established on November 11, 2016. The first paid license agreements were concluded with three law firms on April 17, 2017. Today, the xLaw application is used by a significant number of Estonian legal specialists (lawyers, judges, prosecutors, notaries, bailiffs, bankruptcy trustees as well as lawyers of companies / institutions). Our clients include nearly 50 law firms and several government agencies and local municipalities.

Based on our long-term experience in the field of law and customer feedback, we have continuously developed the xLaw application, contributing to both the efficiency and quality of legal work. Today, the xLaw application has become a legal information search system with more than 60 different functions, a tool for interpreting the law and for knowledge management, the different modules of which are interconnected and easy to use.

We are pleased that xLaw has proven to be a daily tool for legal professionals in both the private and public sectors, and we do our best in order to develop the application based on needs.


See the feedback of our long-term customers here.

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