All TOP 25 law firms in terms of sale are using xLaw

Advokaadibüroo Triniti won Äripäev's law firms TOP* this year, they have been using xLaw since 2017. Karmen Turk, a partner at Triniti, has pointed out on our website that xLaw application is "An irreplaceable tool for every lawyer, be it a judge, lawyer or prosecutor." (See feedback from xLaw clients here)

Today, xLaw is used in more than 70 law firms. Based on Äripäev's criteria (the ranking is based on financial indicators of the last six completed financial years) 88% of the TOP 40 law firms are xLaw clients.

All law firms in the Äripäev's TOP 25 are clients of xLaw.

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* 13.12.2023. Äripäev. Advokaadibüroode TOPi tippu tõusis Triniti, müügitulult suurima tiitli nimel rebisid „tavalised kahtlusalused“
   27.12.2023. Äripäev. Advokaadibüroode TOPi võitis uus büroo
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