ExtendLaw reached Gaselli TOP for the third year in a row!

ExtendLaw OÜ reached 1% of the fastest growing companies in Estonia for the third year in a row!

ExtendLaw OÜ was established on 11th November 2016 and offers a unique legal technology software application xLaw.

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The definition of Gazell companies originates from the USA. David L. Birch discovered in the nineties that in certain periods it is small businesses that make the economy move. Gazelles focus on an unfulfilled need in the market, stand out from the crowd and create the so-called "new fashion trend" or "dominant design".

The Estonian Gazelle Movement celebrates its 23rd birthday in 2023. The Gazelle movement values fast-growing companies knowing that they create most new jobs in every country, are flexible, fast and courageous. Every year Äripäev compiles "Gaselli TOP", organizes the Gazelli Congress and writes about the progress of gazelle companies. A company that has grown rapidly, has increased its turnover and profit by at least 50% in the last three years, is selected to the "Gaselli TOP".


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