xLaw is used by all TOP 10 Estonian law firms

COBALT won Äripäev´s law offices TOP for the second year in a row. COBALT claimed that victory has been brought about by the ability to quickly change the focus if necessary. It is supported by the fact that COBALT was one of the first clients of xLaw in 2017 and they have also stated “xLaw has made the work of COBALT’ s attorneys and lawyers more efficient and faster”. (See feedback of xLaw clients here)

Today xLaw is used in more than 60 law offices, including all TOP 10 law offices in current year´s ranking compiled by Äripäev. (Äripäev’ s ranking of law offices)

xLaw is the first unique law interpretation and know-how management application in Estonia that has significantly changed the work processes of lawyers. The majority of xLaw users are highly qualified legal specialists - attorneys, judges, prosecutors, notaries, bailiffs, bankruptcy trustees; including all Estonian courts. xLaw has also proven popular with many specialists of government agencies and local municipalities and corporate lawyers.


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ExtendLaw supports the Moot Court Competition
Our first customers have been using the xLaw application on a daily basis for 5 years